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Originally Posted by Mibadd View Post
OK , I hear them ( Borla,MRT,SLP,Corsa & etc.) when they first start-up (deep) , Revving it up ( deep ) and a pass by ( medium tone) all good !
What about after the start up , how do they sound at Idle with out revving it up all the time from the start-up . I would like to hear what most Exhaust sounds like at Idle after the start-up , do they have that Rumble or does it just tone down to a quite calm or is their no difference then what it sounded like when you first started up the car ?

I guess what I'm trying to best explain it is that is the sound of the exhaust consistent from the start-up and at the idle ?

I'm trying to decide on which exhaust to go with , I don't want to be at a red light and the car is at a quite calm like the stock exhaust sounds like at idle..

Thanks all ..

Sound clips would be great if you have them at idle ..
Well... I currently have the MRT ver 2.0 on my car... when the car idles down after the cold start-up (which is about 45 seconds to a minute) I can still hear the car idling inside my house.. Now it's not loud but you still know the car is running... which is unlike stock which you can't tell is idling standing next to it! LOL !
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