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I ordered the Zaino too... and used it on a brand new gray Mustang... (my wifes).

It is what they say it is. It takes a long time, but it is worth it.

Do the claybar! I think you only use it once for the life of the car... as long as you keep it protected.

I did this... Dawn wash, claybar w/ the Dawn wash, dry, Z-aio, wipe, Z5, wipe, Z6, Z2, wipe, Z8, Z-CS, Z8.... and WOW!!

I would use 1 of the Z-18 bars on the Monte and the other on the Camaro. Save both of them, but use the one for the Monte on any other car so you can save the Camaro bar for the Camaro... just in case you ever have to have a panel repainted or rebuffed.
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