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It's a badass ride Tony. Too bad you're letting it go. I get it though. Rear facing seats in and out regularly would suck ass. The latch connectors in the Camaro are really nice and really easy to use vs many other cars. Front passenger legroom should be ok as i had some pretty big seats in mine. Wife was fine and i was a little squished but, i'm 6ft tall also. The negatives are the tether isn't the easiest due to the angle of the back window. Next is a car seat that does not fold in half is a bit of a pain to get out as you have to move the front seats all the way up and undo the front seat belts from the straps to get it in or out. Not a big deal just adds more time. The biggest issue for you is the only double stroller you could probably use is the foldable umbrella type. That will fit in the trunk but, aren't the greatest for also lugging diapers, bottles toys blah blah.

If you can deal with the added hassle for say 18 months. Your golden after that. No more removing car seats all the time. No need for bottles and crap. Just a light umbrella stroller.

So, a little extra time and a bit of a PIA for 18 months or move on to something more practical but way less fun . Good luck bro.

Tips on car seats. I have owned 4 different sets of Britax seats. All were excellent, held up well and were some of the easiest to get in and out. also ranked very highly for safety. usually in the top 2. Very expensive but, worth it. Also if you did not know. When buying car seats almost every place offers an unadvertised TWINS discount. You have to ask for it to get it though.
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