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Mike Norris Motorsports / Raymonds Performance In House 1LE Project

Hey All,

Bruce picked up the shops new 1LE last weekend and the work is about to start. I will be getting a few baseline Dynojet dyno runs in later today and then we have a short list of mods to do before we do some baseline road course testing at Putnam Park.

Overall initial impressions are it drives nice but could be a bit stiff suspension wise for some folks. Trans feels very nice as does the steering. I want to go to some 305's in the back, but we will see how track testing does first. I do not want it to push in corners under accel so we may have to live with the 285's. Tires definitely need to get warmed up a bit more as it is in the low 20's here this morning.

Updates will come as they are available. Thanks

Mike Norris
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