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Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post
Hey Chris, what's good my dude, first thing congrats man...well deserved. I got your text bro and looked at it and I was like yeaaaaaaaah boy'eeeeeeee, problem was I was with a client and couldn't respond...and I stayed so busy I forgot to respond . Wheels look amazing and based on your best in show I'm not alone in my thoughts!

I'll hit you up later on in the week so we can catch up bro. Ttyl.
Thanks man! .

All good man I figured I know you were taking on some new clients, summer time, your a busy man. Yeah i'm pumped about the new wheels I'm in between trying to decide on a tire and size right now. I haven't gotten them mounted yet but as soon as I do, planning a pro shoot with the NYC Skyline as the background. Sounds good man, we'll have to connect and then get together at a few shows. There is a dyno day/carshow at RPM Motorsports in Delaware this weekend. Its kind of far don't know if I'm gonna head out.
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