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Originally Posted by Kali4nia58 View Post
I messaged Rob for his thoughts on meet-up spot and time. Will post when I got all the info together.

Ok so far I am out 2 cases of Red Bull and a sombrero to get you to help me plasti-dip my wheels and to get you to drive your f*ing car. Ha! This is becoming an expensive friendship. Er...ok so I get the Red Bull for free...but I draw the line at the sombrero. You and Cousin It are on the list. Bring the waitress with the Budweiser tramp stamp. Now about those wheels...
Whoa Whoa Whoa man!! Im getting shafted here.. 2 cases ... I thought we agreed it was 76 cases!

Ok Ok, I guess I can go without you providing a sombrero for my car, But I will have to have a case of redbull!

We need to have a Plastic Dip Party and have everyone come over and plastic dip there wheels, grills, etc etc
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