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Originally Posted by ChargedCamaro View Post
Whoa Whoa Whoa man!! Im getting shafted here.. 2 cases ... I thought we agreed it was 76 cases!

Ok Ok, I guess I can go without you providing a sombrero for my car, But I will have to have a case of redbull!

We need to have a Plastic Dip Party and have everyone come over and plastic dip there wheels, grills, etc etc
Aright bro...I will get you two cases of Red Bull when I am at work next on the 17th. You drive a hard bargain, but I give in. So when is this Plasti-Dip party. Don't be a tease. I'll bring the beer. My car feels naked with these Midnight Silver rims. Not all of us can have Charged Camaros.
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