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I put the FU back in FUN
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I read through everything last night after PQ got banned a 2nd time and something didnt stack up lol

Chris you are a Horrible actor man when it comes to " we are kind of friends but do what you kind of have to do! I look forward to your christmas Text "

REALLY ? shakes head

I e-mailed a non-mod on here asking if this was for real or was it just me does it look like a joke? lol

Also having a post from Bonnie's name EDIT NVMD haha

that was probbaly Randy logging in as her.

OH and Randy having Bonnie say what the hell is a GT500 anyways really ? you think living in a house with a car junkie she isnt going to know WTF a gt500 is lol

got what yall wanted people watching..... Sorry I didnt get to watch like Mike does with his jumbotron screens im just watching on a tiny 24inch :(
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