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^I 2nd that, this is by far the best competition to the Camaro right now for me too. According to the spec's...

3545 pounds
3.8L V6 306-310HP (depending on fuel type)
6spd stick (LISTENING GM, some of us like to use STICK......get your minds out of the gutter people! LOL)

It's pretty good looking and I know the aftermarket will make it even better looking. Also, there is no longer any denying Hyundai's quality, standard options, and valued price.

Dragoneye, I'm not sure of the price yet honestly but I keep hearing 24K and less for the I-4 but I guess we shall see about all of that.

I've been trying to find a forum for it, you know to get an inside look, but I can't find a good one yet while I have not looked for too long.

This car is more of a competitor to the new Camaro V6 (the cash cow of Camaro's sales) than anything else out there. No, it's not as good looking as the Camaro but it's good looking enough, has the right performance DNA with it's engine, and if the 300 pounds heavier Genesis sadan with the same engine can get PER THE NEW EPA #'s 18/27 this thing might also be a gas sipper considering it's powerful engine.

NOTE: Sorry for the repost, thanks Dragon
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