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Originally Posted by oachalon View Post
Radz i am in the exact same position as you. I am getting an edelbrock supercharger and i figure as soon as i get it installed, i am going to see some downfalls of the stock bushings and suspension. I do not plan on taking my car to a track (might still do it though), or do serious racing, but when i punch the gas i want to make sure its solid, no wheel hop, and nothing that will cause the car to want to go out of control.

Im down to the pedders EP1201 and the pfadt one. I would like to fix any problems caused by the stock bushings but keep NVH as stock as possible. I love the look and machining done on the Pfadt one, but i just cant see how a solid mount will not increase noise dramatically.

Also im worried about going to a hard urethane or solid bushing because at some point the bushing is going to move, and since the bushing will be made of a hard material wont that potentially wear the subframe? The factory bushings are soft so during any movement the bushing will give before the subframe.

Please correct me if im wrong, but in my eyes if i put a hard material (steel, aluminum, urethane, etc) and the subframe moves and twists and things rub together (probably likely) its not going to start to wear the subframe?
Well you are in our area , we are in Columbus, and have all Pfadt's product line on hand, and installed on our demo car. Come down, and we can show you the material, drive the car, feel the difference ect. And you can also check out our dyno facility, fabrication area ect. I will make you a very friendly local deal as well.

As for the concern about tolerance in the sub frame after say a hard bushing install like pfadts, there will be no material issues with vibration or wear. The idea is to fix the rear cradle so it wont twist and shake now, which will move the energy to the wheels versus the deflection in the sub frame bushings. You will have no concern with the pfadt bushings stretching or twisting vibrating, they will last in 100% performance longer then your engine .

Hope you can stop down.

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