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Originally Posted by kencam View Post
I got mine installed yesterday!!

Overall the quality of the components are very good. However a graphic in the instructions (perhaps this was for a different kit?) caused my shop to think that there were parts missing for the front struts. (You are supposed to reuse some of the OEM parts)

There has been much covered on this forum about the size of hole to be cut in the trunk floor, the usage of extenders or not etc. (My shop cut 1 and a half inch holes and installed the extenders as per instructions). However, if I were to do it again, I'd probably just make an longer adjuster key and drill 1/2in holes instead.
Congrats! Very good assessment as well, we prefer the 1/2 hole w/ adjuster. The BC Racing Coilovers are truly top quality, many distributors simply rebrand these and mark them up.
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