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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
You need to be over here... Kemah is Saturday... then Aeros & Autos the following weekend... they are doing a 1/2 mile drag... We need a ZL1 to run the 1/2 mile.
Launching the ZL1 is tricky. The OEM tires are great with sufficient heat. They take a good burnout to get sticky. If the track is not well prepared you'll spin badly if you launch too hard hard. On a well prepped track with the right amount of heat, the rears at 22 pounds, the front at 45 pounds you'll have a window of maybe 200 RPMs between great launch, too much spin or bog from too much bite. It is a small window.

Rear Camber is good to go at ZERO
Rear Toe should be in .10
Front toe should be in .10 per side
You'll have the least rolling resistance when the front camber is maxed out negative

The LSA will pull timing when hot so keep the hood open and bring the ice bags.

The clutch seems to be able to go all day long.

But what would I know about a ZL1 at the strip
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