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Well yesterday I finally got around to getting the LS3 midpipe I got of a fellow Upstate C5 member installed. Thanks Scott! I haven't really noticed any difference with either the sound or power but atleast now my MRT v2 are welded on lol. I'll try to add up a cold start video and put it with a before, maybe there will be a little difference idk lol. It will be interesting to see if my 1/4 times change at all next weekend when i got back to the track since this will be the only difference, well that and this time going with less fuel haha. (doubt it though) My vinyl blackout kit arrived yesterday too but haven't gotten a chance to install it since it yet, was actually gonna do it yesterday but it took longer than I thought for my midpipe install.

Next time this month though my poor girl will be in storage. Don't worry though haha the modding won't stop, I'll be taking her apart and bringing stuff back with me!
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