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Originally Posted by stlrammer View Post
No imagination in the new 2012 color palet. Syn Green and Aqua Blue Metalic looked good on these cars. I read that there will be a new lighter blue metalic mid 2011 production run which will replace Syn Green metalic. I know it wouldn't be a big seller but I'm liking the Plum Crazy Purple on the Challenger. I like bright colors, you can tell. :-)
I'm a big fan of the true blues on Camaros. The most beautiful, IMHO, was Medium Quasar Blue Metallic offered from 1994- early 1997. It really only enjoyed a 3-year run as I believe only the first 2 months of the '97 cars had that option. I had one, and I remember having to argue with the dealer that yes, indeed, that color was offered in 1997 and showed him the original door sticker and sticker on the glove box.

I'm disappointed to see the next best color (may be the same? They look very similar) - Aqua Blue Metallic - is no longer available for 2011.

I hope they bring back either ABM or Bright Blue, which I believe was only offered on the 1999 cars. Here's a photo (sorry if it's a member's car, but to their credit, it IS beautiful!!)

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