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This is the first car I've owned that has gotten this much attention, and I love it. People taking pics with their cell phones, people gawking at you at stop lights, the list goes on and on.

One time, not long after I first got it, I pulled into a local burger joint. I went in and sitting right at the front where he could look out the front window was a sheriff's deputy. He looks at me and goes "Thanks for dropping my car off!"

Another time I was pulling into my apartment complex and an older gentleman (I'd guess in his late 60's) whips in with an old Camaro ('69 I think) beside me. He hops out and goes "IS THAT THE NEW ZL1????!!!!" He says he had seen me drive by a few times but hadn't got a clear look. We spent half an hour just looking around our respective cars and talking about them. Finally, I realize he would probably like to take a rid in the Z, so I asked him "Hey, you got somewhere to be right now?" His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning as he realized what I was asking. "No!" he says. I nodded at my car, "Let's go for a ride." I burned him through a couple of miles and some twisting roads we have near where I live.

I swear I added 10 years to his life, he couldn't sit still he was so excited!
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