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It was a very good day! All went well, the PDI of the ZL1, and my experience with my salesman Ron, the sales manager, and the Service Manager Carl. The entire process was stress free, great staff a Quirk Chevrolet. We went through the entire vehicle and I had only a few questions. Mostly about the new My Link system. Everything else I was pretty familiar with so it all went very smooth! Quirk (if you're in the New England area) has a 2012 and a 2013 coupe. Also a 2013 (blue) vert ZL1, new since my last visit. The black M6 is gone!

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From reading all the horror stories from other owners about their damaged tires and rims, I did opt for the 5 year extended wheel coverage. Any damage to the tires or rim and they will replace it at no cost. Flat bed the truck and even put you up in a hotel overnite if all the dealerships are closed (hotel up $100 for the night, not the ritz, but still not bad). A nail/screw hole on these tires cannot be plugged, the tire has to be replaced. They told me $650 with tax, I said how about $500 and they said okay. Worth the peace of mind, comes to less than $9 a month. A new tire or worse a new rim would cost me more. For my peace of mind it seemed worth the $500. I'll start putting some pictures together. Thanks to everybody for all of your feedback.
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