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Pre Devivery Inspection

Originally Posted by dpslugger12 View Post
Im picking mine up this weekend, can you tell me what all you have on your PDI checklist?
Got most of my pointers from people here. The obvious, paint, top/sides/front and back, even looked underneath for scratches or scrapes. Really look closely at the tires, a thin slice is hard to notice, and look over each rim. Take your time, what's the hurry. Front Spring Spacers (big like 5 or 6 inches long and yellow) should be in the glovebox. The front Bumper Outer Valance. Inside, the front carpets and any/all of the options you added, most are dealer installed, so make sure they installed them and correctly/to your satisifaction. Mine everything seemed to be in order. Bring someone along, an extra set of eyes is always a plus.
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