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I'm pretty dissapointed and mad at a "reputable dealer" UPDATED

So last Wednesday (8/19) I placed my order with a "reputable dealer" here in TX. Now, my salesperson was "busy" with a presentation (though the receptionist said he was on lunch) so he had another salesperson do my order to help him out. That salesperson sat me down and showed me everything he was doing as he ordered on the system. He took me to the financing people to do the deposit and then gave me a copy of the order. We went back to the showroom and I see my original salesperson with about 4 other salespeople looking out the window. He comes toward us and writes on a paper "Supplier price only" and puts it in my file. I look at the order and there is no number on it. I asked my original salesperson about it and he said that they place orders on Tuesday and that he would call with the order number on (8/25). I said great and went on my way. So Tuesday comes and nothing. Wednesday afternoon (7:00 pm) I call and my salesperson cannot "find" the number on the system and says that he will give me a call tomorrow (8/27). Today is Friday and still nothing.

Now, this person has not returned any of my phone calls since I contacted him at the end of June, and that was through email then phone that same day... the ONLY TIME I can say he returned my call. I feel that I should not be chasing this salesperson around. I mean, it's not like I'm buying a $10k Aveo or something. It's a $30k + car. I have been very polite all the times I have spoken to him and I feel outraged that I am in this situation. What would you guys recommend I do??? I do not want to ruin a reputable dealer's name here because of one bad customer experience, but he has sold cars to some members here in the Texas area and they all said they were always updated on everything in a timely manner.


I have been contacted by Don Kerstetter, the GM at Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland and it seems that they will do everything in their power to correct this and keep my business. I do not believe I will have any more problems with communication from this dealership. He said "we screwed up and we want to make it right". That alone says they are straight up people and are willing to accept responsibility for their mistakes instead of offering excuses. I want to thank Eric Hall for taking time to personally make sure that this problem was resolved. I also want to thank all the other Camaro5 members who gave me advise through this. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS MISHAP PREVENT YOU FROM BUYING AT CLASSIC CHEVROLET. They are a great dealership and will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.


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