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Originally Posted by John_C View Post
Got the headers yesterday. It's bitter-sweet. They're beautiful. But I asked the a 2nd wideband bung on the passengers side collector and they agreed to do it. I even got confirmation they told Kooks to do it. But there isn't a second wideband bung.

Not sure it's their fault. Could have been Kooks mishap, but it still sucks either way.

Pretty sure I can't cut in a hole and weld in another bung without screwing up the ceramic coating and voiding the warranty.

Edit: My headers were supposed to come from Calico and this box says Jet Hot. I'm thinking I got sent the wrong headers.

Thank you for posting this! Which set of headers are these? Did you have to call to ask for the wideband bung to be installed or was 1 already standard? Wonder if the JetHot is better than that calico coating.
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