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sup guys sorry for the late reply, so right now I'm running the vortech V3 si stage 2 kit on a ZL1 fuel pump, colder plugs, removed all 4 cats, custom exhaust, nitrous out 100 shot. without the bottle on only 6lbs of boost it got me from 265rwhp 323hp stock to 388rwhp 450hp crank 350lbs tq to the wheels, in 2 weeks it goes in for the stage 3 kit which goes from a 3.4 pulley to a 3.0 pulley, Cadillac ATS injectors aiming for 440-450rwhp trying to get it to 10lbs of boost. on the mustang dyno which is an accurate 75k dyno I only had 6lbs, on the road I hit 7lbs then I removed all 4 cats ( Jesus Christ smh I didn't kno why i had 4 cats lol ) which was causing back pressure I was able to hit 8lbs on the road. so with much smaller pulley I will get a little more boost which calculates to about 20rwhp for every 1lb of boost, so on his dyno I was told I would be at 10lbs which means I lost about 80rwhp and I should have touched close to 440rwhp. well guys now that I am doing the next stage we are going to try to dial it in at 440-450rwhp and then see how I like it, and the next step will be the torque converter and E85 and hopefully the E85 gets me close to 500rwhp club and i'll be set.. don't think i'll use the bottle unless we end up doing the cam and maybe forged internals thru my sponsor where this kit is coming from which is overkill motorsports. also the need for the tires is because I always told myself I will do what companies say won't clear or look good. I built prime for myself and the kids at shows and everyone else to enjoy. that's why it's well rounded with all the parts, once the widebody gets here in a month or so then i'll be done with this prime V1 and next year the goal is 2017 6th gen ZL1 Prime V2 and build that and show both cars at sema.. that's my uitlmate goal. SEMA 2017 was a huge success, I am blessed and honored to share my experience with you guys.. Camaro fam for life.... ROLL OUTTTT

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