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Thanks for the info and advice

Originally Posted by TJR1952 View Post
Rear Vision is standard on 2LT
Your Quote MSRP $33,230 INVOICE $31,645
When Shopping ask for price below or closest to invoice.
TJR1952, thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to getting this deal done!

Originally Posted by He11bent View Post
Always use an online service like Vehix or Autobytel, etc. they will have 3-5 dealerships call you. Tell them exactly what you want and let them do the leg work and call you back only if they can give you what you want. It's a much better deal than sitting in the dealership all day and letting them wear you down. You'll be amazed how nice it is because they know you won't come in until you get what you want. Trade-in, financing, everything but signing should be done before you even agree to drive in to the dealership. I bought may last 7 cars this way. Good luck.
He11bent, awesome suggestion. I'm using the USAA car buyer's service, but they do not have any pricing info yet on the 2013s... I may try one or the other of the two services and see if they can get some more competitive quotes.
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