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Absolutely.. cannot... do.. MSRP (dealer words)

So I call up a dealer that just recently got in an IOM 2SS, fully loaded, in my neck of the woods. Checked out the VIN, its exactly the car the I wanted. VIN says its 41k MSRP. Yup, that's what I'd pay for it.

I get the sales manager, and ask: "Hey, is there any way I can get you down from 51k to around MSRP. I have a GM employee discount, but if I can get it now, I won't bother with it. In fact, I'd be willing to pay 1-2k over MSRP if we can close the deal tonight."

Dealer: "No sir.. we absolutely cannot do MSRP for this vehicle. The very least we can let it go for would be 5k over, which is what it 'cost us' to buy it from another dealer out of state..."

Me: "So wait, you all bought that car from another dealer, out of state for 5k over 'MSRP'?"

Dealer: "Yes, were buying up all the 2SS around the tri-state area so we can increase our sales and get more build allocations."

Me: "Nice... Good luck with selling all of those over-priced Camaros. Hope your plan doesn't bite you in the ass, cause I'm fairly certain it will..."

So... hope this isn't going to be an ongoing problem over the summer time. Im more than willing to wait, and keep looking for a dealer that gets what Im after within a 1k mile radius. But damn... If customers are having to unfairly compete with price gouging dealers, just so they can increase their allotments... Imma not going to be a happy camper come October.
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