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Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
That's the name of the dealer according to one of those pictures. Price-gouging will make this dealer a big negative on this site.

I wouldn't take the fun of disrespecting this dealer away from the original poster.

You need to re-read the original post.

The OP is from the state of WASHINGTON. He saw an Inferno Orange SS for sale for $51,000 at a local dealer. The MSRP was $41,000. He asked if he could get the price closer to MSRP he said he'd even go 1-2K over. They said no.


I posted a link to a dealer in WESTERN NY, Basil Chevrolet, that has one selling for MSRP...$41,xxx
And another one at West Herr for $39,xxx

BTW, it doesn't cost anywhere near $2,000 to ship a car across the USA.
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