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Originally Posted by Rogue203 View Post
Hi Guys,
Without changing calipers and going with oversized rotors. In your opinion what is the best brake pad and rotor replacement from OEM? Keep in mind this is for street use, no road racing or anything. Quietest, less dust etc?
Thanks Camaro5 members your the best!
If the car is used strictly for street use, I would suggest looking into the Hawk HPS pads or the Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads. The HPS pads will stop a bit better than stock, while also producing less dust and the PC pads will stop almost as well as stock while producing very minimal dust. So you kind of have a trade off.

As for rotors, the Granatelli Rotors are a great value for street use. They come slotted and dimpled with a zinc coating to prevent rust. If you are looking for a step up from them, I would suggest the DBA rotors. Although, they may be a bit "overkill" for your usage.

Ge have great pricing on these items and it only gets better if we work out a package deal. Please feel free to call, PM or email me anytime with questions.

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