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Lightbulb July Meeting In San Benito July 23rd

i would like to extend an invitation to our next club meeting in the rgv. The Meet will be held back at my house and will be in sorts a mini car and bike show. we would love to have any of you all that are willing to join us. We will be catering the event and are inviting any car fanatics to join us, not just camaros. I am attempting to rent a cherry picker in order to get some really nice aerial shots. We have a contact at a hotel near by and can try to make arraignments for you all coming in from out of town in attempts to get a bit of a discount. here is the link to the forum where our info is posted about the event. We would love to have you all come join us and hope your club considers. Everyone is welcome, even the purple cuda ha. we will also have 1-2 water blowup water slides for the kidos, even the ones that are 20 years and older...

i will be messaging a few members from your club that i met while in san antonio and houston. We dont have plans for sunday, but a cruise to the beach is always a nice idea
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