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Originally Posted by bluch View Post
$20,000 market value!!! $64,000!!!!! HOLY SH!T!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!

Is there a ton of super rich people around there?? That they think they can get $64,000 for a Camaro??

STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MARKUP!!!!!!!!!! aren't many rich people...but I did notice an older (late 50s-early 60s) retired looking couple looking at it and asking questions to one of the I don't know if he went for it. I thought it was a little too much too myself.

Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
That price tag was a joke, right?

Was the IOM or VR?
I think it was the IOM. That color is stunning in person! My wife was like..."wow...that red looks good!" lol

Originally Posted by RobbRock View Post
Great Pics I am glad you had a good time thanks for coming out..i am gonna get some more pics up tomorrow...yes the price was exaggerated
Thanks. It was a good event. Glad I went.
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