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Originally Posted by SchwarzerDrache View Post

To the OP...NO you are not crazy for asking for the car you want. I ordered mine too because their are (last time i checked) only 4 with the color/interior combo I wanted not to mention the stripes. Don't settle for anything other than what you want.

Not to mention the amount of time i spent on this site as a non-member searching for the exact color combo i wanted.....and them page 25 on the official cgm color thread and there she was my mind was set and that was all i wanted from then on.

I have already done this before with my gto because it was my first car to buy and i let the salesperson bullsh*t me into taking a cyclone gray car when i wanted blue with blue leather.... NO regrets on that looking back but there was no way i was going to settle for anything less this go around
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