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Okay here's the most detailed I can get...

Shift from M position to R. Give it a little gas (small amount - around 2 mph) and I hear one "clink" from the tranny area.

The same thing happens when I go from R to M. Keep in mind it doesn't happen ALL the time, but I really only notice it with the windows down and the music off. Almost can't hear it with the axle-back, but it's there.

It also does it when I'm going down a hill in D (subdivision roads). I hear 1 clink once it downshifts to a lower gear.

I would really appreciate some A6 owners to experiment with their cars; windows down and music off. If anyone has any clue on if this is normal or not, please let me know.

I'm thinking it could just be "catching" that gear since it's at a relatively low speed.
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