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Changing Bulbs?

Anyone have any idea how hard it is going to be to change the bulbs?

Reason I ask, on the 2007 and up Avalanches, they made all of the front lights a trip to the dealership. Getting to the headlights, fog lights, parking lights, DRL's means taking most of the front bumper off and removing a large portion of the front of the truck.

From what I saw of the Camaro, it looks like it could be the same way. Looking in the engine compartment it looked like the back of the front grille was pretty much off limits.

The HID's I wouldn't expect I would need to access often, if at all, but I'd like to swap out the parking light bulbs myself when they burn out.

Anyone with one of the early Camaros have any experience with this? Is there a Camaro manual floating around anywhere yet?

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