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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
The ambient lighting was announced, at the LA reveal, they had a huge board showing the Ambient lighting pic and they talked about the ambient lighting to the crowd. I dont think its a legality issue because the cts uses lighting on the dash.
Theres no way its due to over heating because it would be the sme for the doors, and i think its because they couldnt get the gaps filled along the entire dash. Remember them saying that there would be a gap in the dash, the heating issue just doesnt make sense, the plastic on the door panels must be the same as the dash. Im just hoping that for some reasn, the ABL is still left in the trim, so i can find some way to connect it, if not, ill go aftermarket and get it installed, they just better have a dimmer roll for the doors
the door panels will be vertical and not have nearly as much direct Sun shining on it. the windshield is a large very angled piece of glass that the sun wll shine through directly on the dashboard most of the time it is outside...
usually the only parts of the door panels that get to hot to touch are the very top edges at the base of the window, not down on the sides where the ambient lighting will be located.
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