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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
Looks good Looking forward to hearing about your impression of them performance-wise.Did you add the SS brake lines too?
Originally Posted by Pharmaro View Post
Looks like he did in that last pic. Aesthetically, those rotors look awesome! Curious as to your opinion regarding the rotors performance too. I ended up getting DBa's myself.
Yep, the Goodridge ones - funny enough though, I was missing a copper washer from the kit. Another member had the same problem like a week ago and everybody kept telling him he must have lost it. It worked out though, Tim had a bunch lying around so it didn't really delay anything.

The rotors are freaking awesome - though I do wish I had used them with the stock pads (that way I could see what an improvement just the rotors were), but I'm glad I did it all at once. I don't think I ever realized how "squishy" the stock rubber brake lines were until now. I can stomp on the brakes and it's just constant pressure all the way down.

Kaylee can literally stop on a dime now. I've noticed that I'm starting to play "chicken" with red lights - seeing how long I can wait before I need to hit the brakes and still stop before the line. It's a lot of fun. I need to find a HPDE near me so I can really enjoy these things.

Luckily I live kind of out in the boonies, so I get to enjoy windy backroads on my way to/from work every day. You wouldn't think that changing out rotors would improve handling - but it does. Which makes sense when you think about how much weight these rotors save over the stock ones. It's like Kaylee's a whole new car.

Honestly, you couldn't pay me to go back to the stock rotors now.
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