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So made a few more "Nathan" related purchases - why do I keep going back to his thread I'll never know.

First is an Evap solenoid relocation kit from PCM of NC. Though I may/will probably relocate the solenoid via Nathan's method in his Cleaning Up the Clutter in our Engine Bay thread. Don't know why I bothered to type out what Nathan's thread was - pretty sure everyone knows which one I'm talking about when I say "his thread."

Here's how Nathan did it: LINK

Another option that a member did was this one: LINK It's a little more involved, but it definitely does hide the solenoid

Anyway - reason I was willing to pay for the relocation kit was because it saved me having to extend the wiring harness(es), etc. Though I am hoping I can still use my TechAFX braided stainless steel line :/ - if not it'll be going to the marketplace (or just pay it forward).

I've also been working with Tracy at RX Performance about replacing my oil breather for a 1LE oil breather. Tracy was kind enough to let me in on a new item they're starting to offer - 1LE style clean side separators.

I also have a bunch of parts coming from Alan at G3 Composites. Can't wait to get those installed, not going to lie.
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