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Originally Posted by paigeg View Post
RE: the posts about the $5K up-charge on Camaros. Don't fall for it. It's the dealer doing it, and you don't have to play that game. I went to a competing dealer (literally a couple of miles away) for my Synergy, and upcharge wasn't even on the table. If this dealer hadn't had the Synergy and the other one had, they'd have traded for it to get it to me. GM is doing better. The dealers should stop trying to bilk their customers and just hang in there. Otherwise, they're going to sabotage the recovery...
Found one about 40 miles away, $800 below sticker. Has everything I want but the Sunroof. I was on the edge about that anyways. Unfortunately i have to go out of town for work until Friday, so if he still has it on Saturday Im going to try & close the deal...

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