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N2O Control & Gauges via Bluetooth

Hi everyone!

So I just bought a Ny-Trex Kit via the group buy over in the FI - V6 board. Instead of buying a switch-panel and gauges though, I'm going to try to make a system to control and monitor everything via an Android app and Bluetooth. In theory this should be easy using an Arduino, Relay Shield, Bluetooth Shield, and a couple sensors with linear analog outputs. If anyone has done this before PLEASE step in with advice, last thing I want to do is make a mistake while working with N20...

Here's where I stand:

Arduino Uno (~$20)

This is the brains of the project. Had one laying around that I've been trying to find a purpose for. Guess I have one for it now!

Seeed Bluetooth Shield (~$23)

This is what will allow the system to be controlled via Bluetooth. In case anyone (nobody) is wondering why I didn't use a BLE shield, it's because BLE doesn't require pairing so anyone would be able to walk up to my car and turn on the Nitrous with their phone/computer. So obviously BLE is out, and with it goes control via iOS, which is why the app will be an Android app.

Seeed Relay Shield v2.0 ($20)

The relays here will take the place of the switches for Arm/Disarm, Purge, and Open/Close. Had to go with the v2.0 instead of v1.0 to handle the higher Voltages and Amps of the system. I'm still a little concerned I might fry it, but if so I'll just have to make my own board with better relays.

Holley EFI Pressure Sensor (~$110)

I'm planning to us this to monitor bottle pressure. Still need to make sure this actually fits though. While this is actually meant to plug into some expensive system, the wiring is rather simple: +5v, Ground, and Signal. The signal wire puts out 0.5v-4.5v in a linear relationship to 0psi - 1600psi. I should be able to just connect this to an analog-in port of the Arduino, apply a simple formula, and get PSI.

LC-1 Wideband Kit (~$200)

This will provide readings for the AFR gauge. Similar to the pressure gauge, it has an analog signal wire that puts out 0v-5v in a linear relationship to 7.35 - 22.39.


App Design:

This is just a rough mockup of what the app will look like. Planning to have the backgrounds of the gauge readings change from green, yellow, and red to indicate ok, warning, and bad accordingly. Also plan to have the ARM and OPEN buttons green when they are activated, while DISARM and CLOSE will be red when activated. This should allow me to see the system status with a quick glance.

For future reference, I am NOT great when it comes to graphics. I can build the circuit and code the app easily, but I will definitely struggle when it comes to making the app look "cool" If anyone feels like helping when I get to that part, it will be GREATLY appreciated.

Device Placement:

This is just to indicate where I plan to put the Android touchscreen device. I want the screen of the device to take up that whole area where the dash trim is. During testing, it will probably just be velcroed there. Once everything is complete though, I'll probably have someone make and enclosure for it and hardwire it in so it looks "stock"

I haven't settled on an Android device yet and any suggestions are appreciated. Either a phone or small tablet will work as long as it has bluetooth.

Well that's it for now. I'm waiting for the Arduino shields to arrive so I can start programming. I'll try to keep this updated for anyone who finds this interesting. Thanks!
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