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Originally Posted by shinetimedetail View Post
Hello, my name is Tom Risk and I'm the owner of Shine Time Auto Detail I will be set up at Wyndham Indianapolis West. The hotel has agreed to let me use their water and electricity.

I am charging $45 per vehicle. Here's what I am including for the $45--

1- All bugs are removed from the front bumper, hood, windshield, wiper arms and mirrors.

2- The wheels and tires are cleaned.

3- The vehicle will receive a foam bath(If my new gun arrives in time)- This helps in aiding the removal of dirt. The vehicle is washed with micro fiber mitts. We also use the 2 bucket wash method with grit guards. The 2 bucket method is 2- 5 gallon buckets, 1 is a rinse bucket and one is a soap bucket. Each bucket has grit guards in them to get the dirt off the mitts to reduce any swirls.

4- The vehicle will get a spray wax to enhance the wax that is on it or give the 'Just Waxed Look'.

5- The vehicle is towel dried with quality micro fiber drying towels.

6- Once the vehicle is dried the exterior windows are cleaned again to guarantee streak free windows.

7- The wheels are dried and the tires are dressed with tire dressing.

If you need to vacuum your interior you can use my vacuum for free.

I will be selling a solvent to remove road tar also- This will be $7 and it comes with a new micro fiber and one nitrile glove

If you want dressing I will have a water-based dressing that you can dilute in half to get a nice finish on your dash and panels or any trim on the exterior. This will also include one micro fiber towel and enough product to do 1-4 cars depending how much you use and if you dilute it. $6

We will be giving each person a ticket so if you want your car washed again it will only be $25.

I am ONLY accepting cash as there will be too many people that we don't personally know.

If you want to pay with a credit card there is a $5 Credit card fee.

We will be set up around 4pm Thursday and will work till between mid night and 2am.
Friday we will be set up between 10am and noon and will work till between 8pm-midnight.
Saturday we will be setup till???

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or PM me. We will have our entire mobile set up so if you get in a bind we may be able to help you out.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone!!

(Fully insured and trained)
Sounds like the Junkman/Adams method. What if we have our own wash mitts? Very nice, I will likely take advantage too............

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