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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Spoke with a friend of The House today. He'll be selling his Camaro soon for very good reasons. I feel bad because I know what Camaro means to me and Ive never actually owned one. He was one of the patient originals.
thanks Jim. You've folowed my build from the very begining... I'll never forget your trip to Daytona. Your willingness to share the early pre pro camaro with Camaro5 has always been appreciated by me.

Originally Posted by Blueclyde View Post
Bummer for sure,'s just a car can be replaced later. Sometimes people get really wrapped up in their cars putting more priority on them than they really deserve. Good for whoever this person is. Other life circumstances are clearly a higher priority.
couldn't agree more.. It was a pretty easy decision. There will be another one, I have no doubt.

There will be a for sale thread up soon. Tom Henry is also going to help me broker the deal.
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