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Originally Posted by Zabo View Post
- No, he wouldn't. He's got a series II 3800 w/ options. Swallowing my pride here and saying that between my V6 bashing then, and now.. I've actually gained respect for little 6es. Especially when one can out track me on a road course with upgraded suspension.

- I know you can't have TC on to light some rubber. I'm saying if he wants drivability out of a gearset like that which will put a good amount of the 3800's power to the ground in straights and twisties he should probably invest in a TC rear that he can turn it on and off. On prevents it from slipping when you don't want to, off equals super happy fun time.
I do have a TC rear lol I have a 4 channel. And I think you talked me into a Eaton one whenever I decide to get one. I was researching both of them and a lot more people recommened Eaton or Auburn
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