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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
you can find a decent mileage v8 rear for around $2-300 if not less. just gotta keep your eyes peeled. plenty of guys swapping them out for 12 bolts, S60's, 9"s etc.

and its really the easiest option. and like I said, you can do the swap yourself if you have some basic hand tools. dont know if you have disc or drum brakes in the rear, but that would be one pont to keep an eye on. Z28 4th gens were disc brake rears, and I know some v6s got drums and others got discs.

if you have drums, you would need to get a set of rear brakes either with the rear or from a junk yard.

hell, you could check out some local junkyards and find the whole thing for $50.00 brakes and all.
Good advice, mine came with disc brakes
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