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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
It is a single, but is a purpose built unit, not a restalled weak stocker....but with that power we should build him a triple disc. Let me know.

Also, lets try and source the new LT1 HPDI pump. The diagrams I have seen appear to be driven the same 3 lobe off the cam, and as long as you could adpat it (I'm sure the skills you have shown would be doable) as it supports 600 plus hp (and rumored to support 700 plus).

I am confidant the injectors are up to the job....just the HPDI pump.

The 3200-3600 stall is more like having a manual and dumping the clutch, but only when you put your foot in it, otherwise it drives near stock and still will get great fuel economy on the interstate when locked.

The 500 rwhp unlocked is probably 550 plus locked, but that is hard on a converter on the dyno.

The system was the RX LLT EFR system before, and it appears much has been resued and adapted to the LFX...but Aaron and the crew have done an awesome job making it better than the old original from over 2 years ago (Gretchen was the first TT that could be driven 1000 trouble free miles at the time) and the current systems are much the SC systems.

The EFR's are what all the indy cars are standardized with...amazing new technology, but pricey.

You guys have done an amazing job Aaron!!! This car will be the king of all right now. Cant wait to see it on the 1/4 mile!

I think the injectors are up to it as well. Logging with the e85, they were only at 12 ms pulse width when the pump maxed.

Tomorrow brings 101 octane (everywhere was out of 109) and some updated numbers. We want Derrick to have an aggressive 93 octane tune for the track, a mild street setup, and an Ill rip your face off and laugh race gas tune.
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