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CGM w/ black or chrome license plate frame, what do you think?

So... waiting for the car... got nothing better to do in the mean time but order goodies... help me pick my license plate frame color

So, I'm getting a CGM SS RS, and looking through all the pictures it looks like pretty much everyone has either the frame that came from the dealer or none at all (good advertising for them I'm sure, but for shame on you all for not getting your car some jewelery! )

Not looking for specific frame recommendations, I already know what I'm getting, just cant decide on chrome or black.

And the reasoning is...

I would not even think chrome on this car but the tail light lenses have chrome trim, as does the badging on the back of the car, so it would not be totally out of place. I'm not going for a flashy ride, but I'm not opposed to a little more chrome since it's already there.

Black seems to be what's on everyone else's car (and it looks fine) but it's on everyone else car. The cars I've seen with no plate frame the plate just looks too big, so I'm 1/2 wondering if a chrome frame would have the same effect, just too much light/bright in a dark bumper.

I live in FL and have the normal FL plate, there's slim chance that will change with FL's rediclous charges for a different one.

Yes, I'm over-analyzing everything, it's this dam Camaro bug!

I know, I know, the correct answer is C: a Black chrome plate frame, but they don't make one in the type I'm looking for

Thanks for your input!

For reference : no frame

Chrome frame

Black frame

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