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Originally Posted by Bad70supreme View Post
That's not past the shift point, you don't shift at peak you shift a few hundred past it. So that would be valuable to have that extra 10hp at the wheels in my eyes, my car peaks at 6400 but likes to be shifted at 6700 into 3rd for best trap speed! Before my cam I ran it right up to the rev limiter for my best times.
In all my years of drag racing, I never found that to be the case. We were not that fast (10.8's), but if I took the engine past peak power, the times were never as good. It should be noted that shifting the car at 7200 RPM got you to the end of the 1/4 mile just before the rev limiter kicked in (turbo 400 manual valve body with 4500 RPM stall). If I hit the rev limiter in any gear (7400 RPM) things went very south. Your new cam most certainly may have raised the peak power point, and the NPP may benefit you. When you had the better trap speed, did you also have the best ET?
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