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Just posting this. I've been out of town on business.

Got my windows tinted Wednesday. 25% front and 16% rears. Forgive the crappy picture. It was a quick shot at 8 PM after driving around 400 miles with my phone's camera. I'll post a better one when I take it.

The tint was applied by Texas Sunstoppers. He did a great job and never used a razor on the car to trim the tint. He'd lay it on the glass, squeegee it smooth, then use a marker on the peal off coating. Then he'd transfer it to a lighted cutting board and trim it there. He said it prevents cutting any rubber edges, or scratching any soft glass or coatings. The lit-up cutting board looked like a giant x-ray display at a doctor's office. Coolest trick I've ever seen.

So what happens the first day driving with the windows? I'm on cruise control doing exactly 70 on an interstate. Come over a hill and a highway Patrol is sitting with his radar gun in his hand. I see him spot me, switch the gun to me and hold it on me the entire way down the hill, totally ignoring the car that passed me. I was so tempted to wave and smile, but figured he'd light up just because, so I simply watched until I passed him. (I had a friend get pulled over because he waved at a cop through tint and the cop thought he flipped him off. He likes to kid around and knew he was exactly 1 mile over and just waved while smiling thinking no big deal. Took him around 15 minutes to convince the officer he was trying to be friendly. I understand the attitudes cops can run into, so I just try to be polite, friendly and not do anything that might be misunderstood.)

Thursday, I'm making a quick run from the business site to the hotel to pick up some things. doing 60 on a 65 highway (newer area, so I didn't want to miss my exit). Pass an intersection and a cop hits a quick right, hops on the highway and tails me all the way through three road changes and finally turns around when I exit to the access road to the hotel.

Hmmmm. Maybe a bit too dark? Luckily, Good Ol' San Antone tends to be a bit more relaxed and I don't expect that level of scrutiny. Funny thing is technically, I'm legal. But a Black on Black car tends to make any tint look darker, so doing a flat black tint that hits the border on the sides is really pushing it. But it looks SO GOOD!!
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