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Today I finally installed my Roto-Fab CAI. I've been trying to wait on my hood from Gary. But I just finally couldn't wait.

Here's the original Engine bay:

And the New and Improved Engine bay:

And here's why I got the oiled-style filter. Instead of a flat cap, the top of the filter has another cone, so this has even MORE airflow surface area!

Funny thing, When I first step on it now, there's a whistle for a few seconds, like a vacuum leak or something. But I checked the tube everyone says tends to come loose on these installs. Nice and tight. Is a whistle normal?

But the new sound!!! The engine moans! Not a whinny, sick moan. I mean the awesome bass moan you get from an electric bass during a Nikki Sixx solo combined with the sound of a turbo-prop engine winding up for take-off!

Can't wait to hear this thing sucking air through an MPD Z-force hood.
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