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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
They're not going to put a V6 of any kind in a car with the name Z/28 on it; these guys are car enthusiasts, not corporate suits from accounting. They know what the Z/28 was and they know what it needs to be.
GM is capable of a lot of things. The Impala SS was once a front-wheel drive, supercharged V6, not too long ago.

I don't mean for that to discredit your point. Companies sometimes do what's right for the consumer, sometimes they do what's right for their books, sometimes they do what's right for their profits. It's hard to tell the direction the Camaro is going to take...hopefully it continues in a good one along the same lines it's been going.

But the 'need' for a mid-level Camaro is very slim. There's 323hp, 400-426hp, and then 500+ with the ZL1 and 'insane' with the COPO cars. They've basically covered the market from entry level at $23k all the way to $40k for optioned SS, and beyond to $55k+ with the ZL1. I don't know where a Z28 would fit in the lineup or how much market share they could reasonably expect to gain with Z28 sales, especially just having come out with the 1LE.

And it may be that 'Z28' never returns. 'Z24' disappeared with the Cavalier and it was always regarded as the junior Z, lots of performance in a small car. But, GM dropped that moniker entirely and went with the SS designation for the Cobalt, and then the RS designation for the Cruze.

Point is...I see really slim chances of there being a 5th gen Z28.
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