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Alcon Caliper Temp Strips

Now that the calipers are rebuilt, upgraded, and bled, it was time to install the Alcon temp strips (14 in a pack!):

(Amazon may have them again but, if you need them now, these folks have them in stock...)

Temps mean:
  • Up to 340F - Too Cool
  • 350F-400F - Ideal
  • 400F-450F - OK
  • 475F plus - Too Hot

and I put them on the Caliper's here:



I certainly do not expect the rears to give me any heat problems but, will be good to know how they're doing...

I like these as they'll give me a 'quick' look @ the caliper temps and not impacted (like a laser) by surrounding heat.

Used something like these in the past... Good to have for sure when road racing...

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