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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Holy sh!t, man...that's HORRIBLE.

If they refuse, call the bank. Deny the charges. Then file a complaint on them with the BBB. One complaint won't change the world, but as they begin to tally up, stuff happens...kind of like a little old shop in Dallas.
but that seems like so much work. hahaha. i need a secretary or lawyer to handle all this for me.

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
That pretty much blows Kyle.
Definitely stay on them. Send a dispute to the credit card company.
...and on a good note - glad your car is running so well NOW !!!
thanks Bruce, the car is running pretty awesome.
Originally Posted by mlee View Post
...and he really needs a radar detector... I was right behind him and my radar was PEGGED. It was a trap, as the guy was sitting behind a fence just waiting on Kyle.
yea yea.... i am going to buy one this week.
Originally Posted by SSOOCH View Post
Great build thread!
SSOOOOOOCH... thanks for stopping in buddy... leave the spatula at home!
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