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Originally Posted by el ess A View Post
Your dealer is full of BS. Just to clarify for those in question and didn't see the other thread about the "fake" 1LE..

SCJ is an LPO suspension option that can be ordered with the car and be installed by the dealer for 2015 SS cars. It is not, repeat- NOT installed at the factory unless it also was ordered with the RPO 1LE. A dealer that tells you that isn't telling you the truth. Any and all LPOs show up on the RPO decal in the trunk so that doesn't tell you if it's an LPO or not, but they actually do show up at the dealership's parts department in boxes designated for that particular car.

Look at the window sticker. If you have it, post it. I'm pretty sure it will say either "LPO" or "dealer installed" or something to this effect on the window sticker. Nobody has to date been willing to post a readable version of a window sticker with the SCJ option. Better yet, run a VIN report on the car and it will come up "SCJ (Dealer Installed)".

There's a somewhat local dealer here that has a green flash hardtop (can't recall exact, but I think it was a 2SS coupe) near here. I forget where I saw it but it was discounted.
Sorry for the miss quote, I stand corrected after looking over the build sheet for the car I have.
But it is on the car be it installed at the factory or installed at the dealer.
Still don't understand why the paint marks are on every bolt attaching the package unless the dealer marks all of the hardware like the factory would have going down the line?
Again sorry some people get there shorts in a bunch for something that really does not matter.
Don't plan on tracking the car only enjoy the ride

If the dealer local to you has a discounted car they are most likely doing the year end discounts to get it off the lot same as where I got mine and every other car they need to move to make room for new stock.

Still want to see how many of these were produced in the short run they had on this edition.

I repaired my post so I don't continue to get hammered by other people.

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