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Tinting in Kuwait + a small rant!

So I really need to get my windows tinted before it gets too hot and i know there is the clear stuff that is great for the heat but im hoping to go a bit dark..So who knows how dark is legal in Kuwait cuz most of the camaros ive seen are REALLY dark so
1-do the cops bother u?
2-what percent r u using?
3-and has anyone tried the whole doctors note thing??

Sidenote: Alghanim are idiota because they probably never bothered to check my tire pressure before giving me the car..... ive been noticing that my tires feel kinda funky/ over inflated so i finally get around to it n sure enough i go to check them today n they had them at 48 n 50 psi?!?!?!?! or maybe thats just their evil plan to destroy my tires so i have to buy new ones from them??
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