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Ok so today I was detailing the camaro and I got done and I had finishe then pulled y moms caddy in the garage to clean the inside of it. The camaro was in the driveway and the sprinklers can on in my yard. I ran and got in the car and parked it across the street. So I was cleaning my moms car now and the freshly detailed camaro is sittin pretty across the street just shining. So I see my neighbor pull in with his mustang he pulled ino his garage looked at me I waved, he didn't wave back. He then looked at the camaro and went straight for his sprinkler box. I was thinking he wouldn't do that, no. He's not THAT bad of a person, I mean he saw me detailing it all of this morning. So I was just watching him in his garage and seeing hat he was doing. Gues what. He had turned his sprinklers ON!!!! I ran for the camaro and turned the key and had to pull it out of the road, but remember on my roads in my subdivision you can park in the road as long as its not between 2-6 AM, so he wasn't mad I broke a rule or anything, anyways. I'm not happy, I've waived at him multiple times before this and he just blew me off. I'm just saying if he leaves his mustang outside I will be turning MY sprinklers on. OOPS...
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