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L99 discussion

Apparently, the L99 that made the 1994 Caprice will make the Camaro with significant changes. The L99 is a modified LT1, bringing the classic motor back to the Camaro. In the Caprice, it made 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Information is according to Edmunds.

How did GM make a 200-horsepower motor push 395 horses? What impact on fuel efficiency can we expect from the boost in horsepower coupled with the addition of AFM to this motor. Since it is only going to be used in the automatic, according to the leaked RS thread, what impact will the automatic transmission have on this?

If you have any other useful information about the L99 post it as well. We have been discussing the L76 and the LS3 so much that we had not even discussed the L99 in these forums.
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